The new team!

Today marks the second birthday of The Fourth Trimester and, as promised, it's time to announce the new team! 

We were completely overwhelmed with how many people wanted to join and support this project and once we've got to grips with our new plan we're hoping to grow the team even BIGGER! If you applied and haven't been chosen at this time, please do not fret, you will be contacted during our next growing stage. 

So, here they are...


Emily Hogarth

Lindsay Garfitt-Brown

Katie Taylor

Georgia Mathieu

Shannon Lowe

Dannie Reeder

Edie Spinks

Kim Morrison

Emily Smith

Emma Smith

Mayr Herbert


Nicola Washington

Anya Hayes

Natalie Finnerty

Frankie Convine

Lizzie Hall

Jenny Hicken

Gemma Capocci

Claire Singh

Roseanne Freeman

Louisa Maidwell

Kystle Perez

Mikaila Hopley-Poole

Jen Riddall

Hannah Moultrie

Social media admins: Facebook 

Megan Crawford

Hannah Carpenter

Danni Reeder

Social media admins: Twitter

Nicola Washington

Natalie Finnerty

If you see your name up there expect an email within the next week with our plan of action!