We are here. We have a website. We have told the world about us and we are like actually, totally starting this project. 

What started as a tiny dream in my head is constantly evolving and I can not thank you all enough. For those of you who haven't been following our instagram I will shine the light on this project.....

I am Amy: young mother, journalist and a sleep deprived coffee obsessor. After 7 months of postpartum life I finally decided it was about time I looked at and threw away all of the junk (leaflets) I was given straight after pushing a 7 pound screamer out my hoohah. Okay, for some, these leaflets might have been a lot of help and don't get me wrong I am not dissing the NHS at all - they are the bomb and I am so lucky to have had them. The leaflets did not help me and I think the main reason was because I couldn't relate to anyone in them. I found the first few months of Milo's life stressful, I was anxious and I don't think my jaws have gotten over the amount of teeth grinding I did. 

So, fast forward to now. I have met so many amazing women through social media who have all been through and are going through postpartum issues that I had and I just wish that I had spoken to them during that time, I think it would have made life a lot more bearable. This is where the idea has stemmed from: to make a print magazine by mums, for mums to support life after birth. With real articles written by real mothers. I have already had some very moving submissions - I have cried, laughed and gotten goosebumps just reading them so I am very excited about putting together this collection of parenthood stories into a beautiful magazine. 

I am still looking for contributors for content, illustrators to help with design and photographers for, well, photos. Please get in touch if you would like to help or just follow our social media accounts for regular updates.

Now to explain how we will fund such a project: We need help. To print 1000 copies we need £1300 - depending on how much money we can raise will depend on how many copies we print. To raise the money we are starting a kickstarter campaign with various incentives - including receiving the magazine. We are also looking for potential businesses to donate in return for advertising space. If you are able to help with fundraising or would like to donate please contact me. 

Thank you all again for your support. Motherhood is amazing but tough, we need to stick together.

Much love,