What do we need to buy in preparation for a baby? - AskFourthTri

So we can pretty much guess the basics - cot, pram, car seat, clothes etc. But here is a list of essentials our insta-mama community found they couldn't live without....

• Giant muslins - can be used for swaddling, blankets, burp cloths, sun shields, play mats - cheap and multi-functional.

• Play gym or baby chair - put the baby down and know it is safe! 

• Moses basket/bassinet for the early days.

• Sheets for baby basket - worth getting a few, they make a lot of nasty messes in there.

• Nappy bin - one with a lid, those things stink!

• Baby wrap/sling/carrier - some babies love them, some don't. If you can, try some out before you buy. 

• Coconut oil - helps to get the meconium poop off in those early days!

• Breast pump - if you plan to express and bottle feed. There are so many types, could be worth borrowing and trying one out before you buy.

• Teething rings, necklaces - maybe avoid purchasing straight away though, you are almost guaranteed to be bought some as a gift!

• Changing bag - any bigish bag with pockets and a long strap you can hook over the pram handles will do.

• Changing mats - one for home and a small travel one.

• Bottles & Steriliser - if you choose to bottle feed. We purchased bottles just in case but Milo refused them, now we have a box of bottles taking up precious space in the kitchen. Anyone want some bottles? Free to a good home!

• Ewan dream sheep - he got a lot of votes but any white noise maker will help the babe to sleep.


• Most things can be bought second hand - it is recommended to buy new mattresses though.

• If buying a second hand cot look out for bite marks from teething bubbas! 

• The cot doesn't need to be expensive - take a look at Mokee - they are nice people and their cots are cheap and can be transformed as the baby gets older. (Milo finds his Mokee Mini particularly exciting though.)

• Don't buy baby shoes - you will spend more time trying to put them on the baby than the baby actually wearing them.

• Changing tables have mixed reviews - some purchased and never used, just changed the baby everywhere and anywhere! I personally purchased one when Milo was a few weeks old and used it all the time as it stopped me from stooping down to change him and hurting my back.

• You will get given a lot of baby clothes! Milo was in hand me downs for aaaaagggesss. 



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